Raw flavoured honey gift box of 3 jars


We’ve hand crafted beautiful raw honey gift set for special occasions, bussiness gifts or for best employees and your colleagues.

It’s the best healthy gift for those who would like to try something different! Our unique honey gift sets are perfect for birthdays, annual family days and why not try some for your next coffee morning meet ups with friends or mums?

Each gift set contains x 3 flavoured and handmade honey jars 200g.

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Buzzy Bees continue to give us one of the best gifts the natural world has to offer. We have wrapped 3 jars of flavoured raw honeys up into a special gift box for you to indulge in. Our raw honey is unpasteurised, cold extracted and blended with flavours from mother nature.

Want to make your own? Choose any 3 flavours from our delicious Buzzyblends range!

Select any infused honey from our flavoured honeys range:

Honey with Peppermint

Honey with Cranberry

Honey with Sea Buckthorn

Honey with Raspberries

Honey with Chocolate

Honey with Blackcurrants

Honey with Ginger and lemon

Honey with Quince

Honey with Rowan Berries

Give the delicious, handmade and healthy gift or just treat yourself to a sweet but healthy treat!

Store all honey in no higher than 20ºC temperature and away from direct sunlight.


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